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I consider online privacy essential. To get some insight into this site’s analytics, I use Goatcounter, which collects so little data it “does not need a GDPR consent notice”. I am well aware that my traffic is probably measured in single digits, but hey - it’s fun to know. Check out their Privacy policy if you’re interested.

My instance is public, and can be consulted on stats.karelvo.com. For the sake of transparancy: I do not self-host this (though I might in the future).

I have configured the settings to only collect the following:

  • Sessions: “Track unique visitors for up to 8 hours; if you disable this then someone pressing e.g. F5 to reload the page will just show as 2 pageviews instead of 1”
  • Referrer: “Referer header and campaign parameters.”
  • Country: only country, not region.

If you use an adblocker, Goatcounter is disallowed by default. And I fully support that - respect the right to not be tracked!